Risk Policy

I acknowledge and agree that my participation at the in-person OMR PETS event is voluntary and there is an inherent risk that viruses could be transmitted by or among any of the persons at or staffing at OMR PETS and any of the guests and staff of the Natchez Grand Hotel and Convention Center. People with COVID-19 have a wide range of symptoms – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness and death. Due to the nature of COVID-19, I understand that even if I follow all policies, procedures, and processes set forth by RI or the Natchez Grand Hotel and Convention Center, Natchez and all local, state, and federal COVID-19 laws, rules, and regulations, including any social distancing and face covering orders, I still may be exposed to COVID-19 and I may acquire COVID-19 through traveling to and from and my participation at OMR PETS. I hereby assume the risk of bodily injury, illness, and death resulting from traveling to and from and participating at OMR PETS and my activities outside of OMR PETS even resulting from the negligence of Rotary or their directors, trustees, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, consultants, contractors, and advisers. I understand that certain inherent factors may make me more susceptible to acquiring COVID-19 or may increase the likelihood of severe symptoms, including death if I contract COVID-19, and I have taken such factors into consideration and discussed any concerns with my physician(s) prior to traveling to and from and participating in OMR PETS.