You Set the Tone

Presenter:  Jamie Higgins

President Nominees will learn techniques for public speaking and promoting an inviting image to club members and the community at large.  Attendees will learn a suggested time frame for preparing for their year as President.

Key points are:

    • Public Speaking Tips
    • Setting the Tone for the Club
    • Timeline for Success

Foundation Bingo

Presenter:  Tyler Stokesbary

Learn about The Rotary Foundation through Bingo! What does your Club do to engage members with The Rotary Foundation?

Session takeaways:

    • Understand Rotary Foundation Basics and how to use that knowledge to engage Club Members
    • Understand ways to give to The Rotary Foundation.
    • Learn from fellow PNs on fundraising strategies.

Engaging Young Leaders in Rotary Youth Programs

Presenter Anniela Carracedo    6840

This session aims to co-create effective strategies for engaging with young leaders in Rotary Youth programs. Participants will identify the biggest challenges in working with youth programs and explore ways to overcome them, aiming to enhance impact in their towns. 


    • Spot the biggest challenges for Rotarians to work with Youth Programs (Interact, Youth Exchange, RYLA) and Rotaract.
    • Identify three strategies to engage young leaders in your club effectively.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Presenter Nathan Lubin    6800

Recognizing causes of conflict and actions that will allow peaceful search for common goals and understanding other peoples’ positions.


    • Understanding responses that will cause conflict.
    • Importance of listening
    • Learning to be open to other ideas