New this year! Club leadership involves more than just knowing about Rotary. Soft skill topic presentations will run concurrently affording the option to choose the ones you need most. More information will be available on our website as presenters and topics are identified.

Who: All attendees

The Magic of Influence

Presenter:  Chris Duhon    6200

Influence is a person’s ability or capacity to move or impel others to action.  It is nearly impossible to be a great leader without it!  Learn ways to enhance your influence and assure your success at work, in community organizations, and with family.

        • What is Influence?
        • Three Ways to Influence.
        • Get things done and achieve your outcomes and goals!

Good Leaders Communicate – Great Leaders Engage

Presenter Brooke Eaves    6820

Good Leaders understand that Good Communication is an essential Source for Success; however, Great Leaders understand the key to attaining maximum impact is perfecting and channeling Communication’s Best Resource – Engagement.

Participants will learn:

        • The Difference between Communication and Engagement
        • How to Build Trust and Relationships Across Generations
        • The Secret of Servant Leadership

Building Strong Teams

Presenter Verni Howard

In the alphabet soup world in which we live, is it really possible to build strong teams?  I’m glad you asked!  Strong teams begin with strong leadership and a good plan.

Three components of this presentation are:

        • You have the right people, now what?
        • Is your mission clear?  Let’s review your playbook!
        • How do you empower the team to rally around one common mission?

When “Gimmie Your Money” Doesn’t Work – Here’s What Does!

Presenter Emily Leitzinger    6840

Whether you’ve set up a Facebook fundraiser or rounded up sponsors for your community or religious event, guess what? You’re a fundraiser, too! Ready for a fun and useful fundraising training with Emily Leitzinger, CFRE? We’re ditching the old “Gimme Your Money” routine and diving into strategies to enhance your fundraising efforts and build stronger connections with new and current donors. Let’s kick up your fundraising game, make stronger connections with donors, and have a blast doing it. We’ll cover storytelling tricks, how to build awesome relationships, and ways to get your community buzzing with excitement. This session is all about giving you practical tips to make fundraising not just successful, but also a whole lot less intimidating!

Take-aways are:

        • Effective storytelling techniques to captivate donors
        • Strategies for building meaningful relationships with supporters
        • Innovative approaches to community engagement for fundraising success
        • Practical tips for sustainable and impactful fundraising efforts
        • Insights into moving beyond traditional fundraising methods for long-term results

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Presenter David Hebert    6200

Organizations have made great improvements toward multi-cultural acceptance and understanding, yet there is still much to do regarding unconscious bias and deep-seated misunderstandings.

The three components of this presentation are:

        • What is DEI?
        • Why is it important?
        • How do we make progress?

Pick Your Lane: Setting Priorities for Yourself and Your Organization 

Presenter: Charlotta Nordyke    6190An impossible task for you or any organization is being everything to everybody. As a matter of fact, trying to do so can be quite dangerous.

Come join us and let’s discuss:

        • What happens when leaders and/or organizations fail to focus on strategic priorities?
        • What skills are exhibited by successful leaders?
        • What strategies organizations may adopt and how prioritization can provide those organizations competitive advantages?