PE Breakout Sessions


Arguably, the most important leadership skill is planning.  With a plan, a leader can inspire with a vision, choose and empower junior leaders, and delegate the work.  In this session, participants will:

  • Engage in a discussion about the leadership needs in our clubs
  • Identify club governing documents and financial responsibilities
  • Begin a plan by identifying the vision, mission, and several goals for the club

Leadership and Membership are offered together


A club of one is not a club.  We need members.  These members provide friendship, ideas for service projects, help to obtain speakers for meetings, connections in the community, and so much more.  This session’s activity provides ideas and best practices to:

  • Provide an experience that people want
  • Provide club and RI visions, practices, opportunities, history, etc.
  • Work with and improve what you already have
  • Develop and grow members and leaders

Service Projects

Community Service is our purpose.  It is who we are and what we do.  Yet, to best serve our community, we must know what it needs.  Through a hands-on activity, participants will:

  • learn questions to ask for need identification, resources, and feasibility
  • understand the importance of project management from idea to outcome
  • appreciate the value of buy-in, and the benefits of positive outcomes for the community and your club

Service Projects and Public Image are offered together

Public Image

Could we serve our communities more if they knew what we did, or that we even existed?  You bet!  Yet, how do we “get the word out”?  Through discussion and group case studies, participants will:

  • Learn why public image for our clubs and Rotary International matters
  • Share best practices for social media effectiveness, websites, Rotary online informational collateral, and other communication tools
  • Identify methods to use our service activities as opportunities for community recognition, awareness by potential partners and investors, and club growth