DGE 6840  Vicky Gutierrez

Club: Edgewater

Vicky Gutierrez was raised in Louisiana and moved to Mississippi with her family in 1991.  She has spent most of her life involved in some type of community and volunteer work beginning when she was in junior high school.

While raising her son and daughter, Vicky held an office each year in the PTA continuously for over twenty years.  She has received several awards for her parental involvement including St. Bernard Parish Parent of the Year and Hancock County Parent of the Year.

After her children were grown, to continue her volunteer work, she became involved in Rotary International, the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce, and Centurions.

Vicky has been selected as New Rotarian of the Year, received several President’s Awards and Rotary Spirit Awards, Rotary Foundation District Service Award, Governors ‘Award, and was twice selected as Rotarian of the Year.  She has served in several roles with Rotary District 6840, which encompasses 48 Rotary Clubs along Southern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi.  She has served as District Deputy Governor, District Treasurer, and District Assistant Governor, District Conference Chair, District Food Fest Chair and District Service Committee Chair. She is a current member of Edgewater Rotary of Biloxi/Gulfport whose members work towards improving their local community, state, country, and world.

Vicky also served on the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce Board for seven years. Serving as VP of Military Affairs for three years she began conducting welcoming tours of the area for incoming military spouses. She chaired Uncorked, a well-known Chamber event, for five years. Vicky is also a past-president of Centurions, a military support organization.  The association provides financial support to the ongoing activities and programs of work for the Military Affairs Committees in Gulfport and Biloxi, as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce.

Before her retirement in 2021, she worked as Office Administrator for Norowski Dental and Parker Dental.  Her daughter, Kyla, a graduate of Ole Miss, lives and works in Tennessee with her husband Michael.  Kyla and Michael have one son, Adam.  Vicky’s son, Larry Paul, lives in Texas with his wife Jennifer and three daughters, Kacey, Ashley, and Brina. Vicky says being a grandmother is the best job she has ever held!  And, everyday is a GREAT DAY TO BE A ROTARIAN!